What gun should Henry make next?

Single-shot falling block rifle with 28" octagonal barrel in 45-70 with nice wood furniture and recoil pad.
I currently have your Color Case Hardened 45-70 and I absolutely love it, the fit and finish on my rifle is excellent. The only improvement I would like to see
is a side loading gate, which would allow me to insert a different cartridge to the front of the queue if needed. I wouldn't want the current tube loading
gate deleted, as I can load my rifle much faster using the tube gate and it doesn't distort the bullet lead the way a side loading gate does.

Your Color Case Hardened 45-70 is my favourite lever action rifle, keep up the good work.
Savage model 1903, scaled up to 7.62x25. 16" barrel and keep the take down feature. Design to use Tokarev magazines. This would duplicate the 32-20 performance and be much easier to reload. Chrome line it to protect from surplus stock. Savage 1903 magazine pump rifle.jpg


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- Large loop carbine
- Blue Steel OR Cerakote Black finish
- Synthetic rear buttstock with Aluminum M-Lok fore end
- Ghost Ring sights
- Threaded Barrel with Thread protector.
- Chambered in 9mm / .40 S&W / .45 ACP.

And a nice subtle Canadian Flag laser etched into the receiver.

I agree completely except I think I would like to see a wood and synthetic stocks as options.
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