What gun should Henry make next?

Some over under combo guns, like 12 ga bottom barrel with rifle/ pistol caliber top barrels, options such as 223, 308, 9mm, 40 etc..
woot, woot..........
just received the email with new models available.
I wanted a single shot slug gun, apparently available in 12 gauge now.
have to find someone to order for me now................. :)
18.5 or 20in, Double barrel sxs in 44 mag/ 45 colt/ or 45-70....acttualy 460 s&w mag would be great can also shoot 45 colt, 454 casull as well.

Also for the more budget minded and survival/back pack gun. Single shot 18 or 20in 12ga or 20 ga with pistol cartridge rifled inserts of at least 8 inchs.

Retail $$$$ will determine sales! They should be priced under your lever actions.
If I was the boss of Henry Firearms I'd fire the entire upper management and replace them all with floozies and agreeable bimbos. My GROSSLY overpaid fart catchers, yes men and disgruntled flunkies would all be drawn at random from the ranks of CGN. I'd retain one engineer for use as bayonet practice, but not before he reverse engineered the iconic Contender tip up rifle and had us tooled up to produce it. I'd have the CNC machines punching out barrels in obscure but respectable cartridges like 45-90, 50-95, 50-70 etc. Put those in a 28" pipe, shaken, not stirred. For the bedwetters and panty waists, mainstream calibers like 30-06, .308, .243, .303 Brit. The usual pea shooters would be available for the varminteers like 22 hornet, 22-250, .223 etc. The revolting poseurs, gas bags and bloviators that like exotic wierdo calibres like 6.5-.284, 6.5 Dasher, or anything in a PPC or a BR ... would be used as targets in the ballistics lab. I'd want these guns to look good, too - not like bargain basement junkers. Warm woods, with checkering done by a real human, not a chinese hair lipped retard or a poop looped CNC machine. All factory workers would be heritage Americans or Canukistanies - no hyphens. I'd charge a fair price for them and they'd carry a 1"/100 yard guarantee with proof targets enclosed.

I'd also offer a Henry "Canukistani compliant" variant of the AR15 as a raised middle finger to Turdo La Doo and his gun grabbing liberal fart suckers.

Now if you'll all excuse me - I need to get back to my anger management issues. :)
Read some of the Henry forums.

Every firearm can have issues... I've owned a few Henry firearms and shot a few others... overall for the price they are great quality and great firearms. Sure you can buy something twice the price or something half the price.
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