What gun should Henry make next?

Some kind of manual action long gun in 9mm. Somebody managed to do a conversion to get a certain model of lever gun to accept .40, so hopefully something in 9mm wouldn't be a huge stretch
I'm into big bores and magnums mostly. So my choice would be a lever in these two chamberings, .50 S&W, and .460 S&W. Everyone needs a .50 carbine lever, and the .460 would be able to shoot .454, and .45 Colt as well. I would want to see the rifle with both side and tubular round feeding. Win, win.
Light weight lever action in .454 casull, 6 pounds or less, with side gate please!

.454 casull mare's leg on the same frame!

Nah, go .460 mate. :D Think about it , .460 S&W, .454 Casull and .45 Colt in the same tube. 3 calibers for one chambering. It's like a .458 Lott will fire .458 Win mag. You always want to jump on dual or triple chamberings when you can.

AR-7 with threaded barrels and more magazine capacity.
9mm version of the AR-7 that take Glock mags.
Update the ergonomics of the AR-7 stock.
45 ACP and 9mm lever with side-gate would be welcome. As stated, if tube-loading is possible.

Stainless with big loop and side-gate would up demand (debating between satin finish or high polish as the best way to go) and I would have trouble not picking up all three, in 9mm, 45 ACP and 357 Mag.

Mares Leg length with full stock option would be my ideal stainless package.
Single Shot Rifles!!
Be Cool to see ones More made for Survival / SHTF Gun
Kinda Like the Old H&R Models But Kinda a Hybrid between that and a Little Badger

45 Colt / 410
.22 Mag / .22LR
38 SPL / .357Mag

Short Barrel , Room In Stock to store extra Ammo
Quick Take Down.
finish Duracoat/Cerakote
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9mm, lever, carbine, side loader (if possible)

Would buy 3 of these so fast (1 for the daughter, wife and finally 1 for me)
Pump centerfires ala the Timberwolf

Side loading 454 casull and 500 S&W rifles.

Stainless synthetic long ranger
I will also echo a 9mm lever or even bolt action. I believe pistol calibre carbines/ rifles are the way of the future and are so cool. I would also love a 300 blackout lever action for hunting. I have always considered getting a 30-30 but just never could justify it for my personal situation.
M6 style survival rifle, with a 410 barrel and a centerfire rifle barrel ( 357 mag, 44 mag, 45 colt, etc)
What ever Chiappa makes ...........do the opposite. Single shot barrel program so additional barrels can be fitted/ordered in Canada.A .303 British with a spare 28ga with screw in chokes would be stellar...........22 Hornet......38-55.....44-40
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