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Lapua is expecting us to sell more centrefire hunting ammunition and we would like to know the most popular calibres used in Canada?

Respondents can list up to 10 if they wish.

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People can still afford factory ammo these days? lol

If Lapua ammo is on the expensive side you might do best focusing on calibers that are less available in cheap options? Stuff like 9.3x62 doesn't have a lot of options in most places.

30-06 gets bought the most in my group, but they're buying the cheap stuff.
Thanks Suther, this is what we thought, as well as to bluecanoed, smokeeater40, Desjard, Chingas, tony d, TheGeneral, kayaker1, DerWeiBeWolf(German?). AlbertaJohn.


My primary is .300 Win Mag, however I grew up using .308 which I reach for when I do not want to be using my 300, which both my boys use when they decide to join in, my wife carries .270 and for no particular reason other than I wanted it a gov 45/70 , 5.56 and 22 because I live in Alberta and gophers and coyotes are fun,
.223 Rem
.243 Win
6.5 Creed
.270 Win
7mm Rem Mag
.308 Win
.300 Win Mag

It's a pretty boring list but they all work really well. If I had to throw a couple of interesting options, maybe 7x57mm and 9.3x62mm, that brings me to 10 :)
When I thoroughly distilled the once-upon-a-time registered firearms in the postal code K1, or the east half of Ottawa, the following were the top cartridges:

- the top cartridge was the 12-Gauge; next came the .22 rimfire, and the next are hunting rifle cartridges, .303BR, .30-30 and .30-06.
- the most recognizable companies were Remington and Winchester each at about 11%. In 3rd place was Canada’s own Cooey brand. Browning’s name, which includes several military and European variations, was in 4th place. For ease of analysis, any rifle listed as 303 British was counted as a Lee-Enfield, except when the record was obviously a Ross or Pattern 1914. Savage No.4s were often identifiable by the serial number format, and any .303 Savage commercial guns excluded. The combined Lee-Enfield ‘Numbers’ and ‘Marks’ were the 5th most common make, coming in at 5% of all of K1’s firearms. Arguably, if there is a single most common firearm in K1, noting that 7.4% of all ammunition is a 303 British.

This analysis was of registered rifles at the dissolution of the registry, and the LGR predates the arrival of large numbers of 5.56, 7.62x39 and 7.62x54R rifles, and likely underreports many lay-away rifles.
Prefer just bullets for handloading.

270 win
308 win
300 Savage (limited choices)
8x57 (limited choices)
9.3x62 (limited choices)
Lapua 30'06
Lapua 300 WinMag
338Win Mag if they made it.
I also hunt with 308Win BUT I have a lot of Lapua 308 brass (for my target rifles) so I wouldn't buy loaded 308 ammo, same thing with 6.5 Creedmoor.

My other favorite hunting calibers are not likely ever to be made by Lapua:
35 Remington
300 Savage
250-3000 savage
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