Survey-Hunting Ammunition Calibres

Sales wise from us is:

1: 30-06
2: .300 Win Mag
3: 6.5 Creedmoor
4: .308win
5: 6.5 PRC
6: 7mm Remington Mag
7: .270win
8: 300PRC
9: 7mmPRC
10: .338 Win Mag
I don't usually buy Lapua ammunition for the most popular cartridges, I buy Lapua for the cartridges that are European origin and are not well supported by North American makers. 9.3x62, 7x64, 8x57, and also some in .222
223 rem
300 wm
303 brit
270 win
45-70 gov
7mm rem
the above are the most common hunting rounds near me

Lapua does carry 8mm mauser
I have had catastrophic results with Lapua's naturalis ammo in .308.

Ran through a blaser R8, an AI and a Fix rifle and the groups were 6 moa or worse at 100m.

Never again
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